A lot of things depend on how the labour market will change: whether we will have to get a new job, be paid more money or consider moving to a new city for work. Policy makers are particularly interested in job creation and all the benefits that this brings. This…

If you have ever worked for an organisation looking to measure productivity by tracking KPIs or OKR targets, you may have thought to yourself some variation of the following

When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure

This is known as Goodhart’s Law, named after…

Many of the personal reflections of 2016 have been pretty negative. So I wanted to focus on an aspect that was very good for me. It was a good year for reading. I got into a great routine for long periods at a time; reading for an hour before bed…

Alex Rutherford

Data, science, data science and trace amounts of the Middle East and the UN

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