If you have ever worked for an organisation looking to measure productivity by tracking KPIs or OKR targets, you may have thought to yourself some variation of the following

When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure

This is known as Goodhart’s Law, named after…

Many of the personal reflections of 2016 have been pretty negative. So I wanted to focus on an aspect that was very good for me. It was a good year for reading. I got into a great routine for long periods at a time; reading for an hour before bed…

This post is based on a presentation I gave for high school students interested in working for the UN. As such I hope it is informative for that particular audience, but also more generally for those interested in the overlap between science, technology and international development.

I recently returned to…

Alex Rutherford

Data, science, data science and trace amounts of the Middle East and the UN

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